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Frequently asked questions about TAU2

General Information

Your account

    If I forgot my password or member name what do I do?

    Just use our "Forgot your password?" form on this page to get your Member Name and password. Perhaps, you've changed your email address in your registration form at TAU2 recently. If this is the case then you have new password. Check your incoming mail because we've just forwarded your password to your new email address to make sure it is a valid one.

    How do I change my password?

    To change your password enter the website using your Member Name and password. After that open the "Your account" webpage, and once you are there proceed to the "Change password" link.

    How do I change my email address?

    Unfortunately, you cannot change your email address yourself on the page with your contact information. If you want to change your email address just write us about this. New email address needs to be verified first. That's why we'll be sending to this new email of yours another password to access the website.

    How do I permanently remove my listing and delete my account?

    To remove permanently your profile and all information about yourself from the pages at TAU2 enter the website using your Member Name and password. After that open the "Your account" page, and click the "Delete Profile" link. Once you confirm your wish to be deleted all data about you will be totally removed and it won't be possible to restore it afterwards. Keep this in mind before profile removal.

    Can I change my Member name?

    Since you cannot change your Member Name yourself address this request to us and we'll change it for you to the one you want. Of course, your new Member Name should not be already occupied by somebody else.

    All of a sudden I stopped getting any letters from TAU2. Why?

    Most of the mail programs now use special mechanisms to filter spam. Your mailing program (mail client) could have considered some letters sent by TAU2 as spam. Please, double check your mail client settings to make sure that it is not filtering letters from TAU2.

Your Profile

    Are profiles censored? Is there any limit to what I can put in my profile?

    Yes. All member profiles, when they are originally created as well as when they are modified, must be approved by TAU2 webmasters. We reserve the right to refuse any profile or photograph that we feel is inappropriate for this site. Also, we ask that you do not put any personal information in your profile, including but not limited to: your home address, a personal beeper, cell or telephone number, a "real" email address or personal web address.

    How do I update my profile?

    To update the information about yourself log into the website using your Member Name and password. After that open the "Your account" page and click the "Your Profile", "Your Contact Information" o "Your photos" links.

    Does your account have the wrong gender status?

    Since you cannot change the sex field yourself in your profile contact us so that we could help you to fix this error.

    How long does it take to have my profile/photo(s) approved?

    Profiles and photos are all subject to our approval process and may take anywhere between 24-72 hours to review. Any photos or profiles that do not adhere to our Terms of Use or are deemed unacceptable will be denied.

    Why was my profile denied?

    The profile could have not been allowed for publishing at TAU2 if it doesn't comform to the rules of the website, as well as if the questionnaire was filled in monosyllabically, carelessly or just senselessly. To restore the publication of your profile open it by clicking the "Your Profile" link and make necessary amendments so that it would correspond to the standards used on the website. Your profile will be published right after the verification.

    Why my photo(s) was denied?

    The refusal in photo publishing might have something to do with it's low resolution, low quality or with it's size. If you do not have good digital photos send to us by regular mail your paper photos. Our specialists will scan and upload them into your profile.

Abuse and Spam

    What is a spammer and how do I protect myself from them?

    Spammers are people who try to solicit or advertise other services fraudulently. To protect yourself from spammers, please be careful as to what personal information you give out through our site. If you feel that one of our members is abusing our site and not adhering to our terms of use, please report this to our Abuse Team.

    What does TAU2 not allow on its site?

    TAU2 does not tolerate spam, fraud, or any form of abuse on our website. Please refer to our Terms of Use for more details on what we do not allow on our website.


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